Scholarships and Awards

Northern Michigan University has numerous ways to honor high-achieving, high-contributing students. Three recognitions that may be of interest to online and distance education students are the dean’s list, NMU Foundation scholarships and graduation honors.

Dean’s List

The dean’s list is published each semester, naming undergraduate-level students who have achieved a high scholastic standing for the previous semester. To qualify for this recognition, a student must: 1) have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours, earning honor points (cannot be pass/fail or S/U courses) in at least eight credits; and 2) have earned a semester GPA of 3.25 or higher. Remedial courses at the 080 and 090 level are not included in the 12 hours.

Graduation Honors

Students at the baccalaureate level who achieve an NMU 3.30 to 3.59 cumulative grade point average prior to their final semester are recognized by the university as cum laude graduates. Those at 3.60 to 3.79 receive magna cum laude status and those at 3.80 or higher are deemed summa cum laude graduates.

There is more information about honors designations for associate and post-baccalaureate levels in the university bulletin.

Honors graduates are identified at commencement by wearing a gold cord. Honors program students who graduate with full honors designation are honored by wearing a white cord.

NMU Donor-Funded Scholarships

Many of the NMU Donor-Funded scholarships -- which are funded by private gifts to the university from alumni, friends and businesses -- recognize high academic achievement as a criteria for scholarship recipients. The full list of NMU Donor-Funded scholarships is available on the foundation’s Web site.

Current students are e-mailed, at the end of the fall semester, details about the NMU Donor-Funded scholarship application process. The deadline to apply is in early February each year. Incoming students should contact the foundation at or 906-227-2627 for more information or to receive a scholarship application form.