MPA Degree Now Online

Beginning the winter 2014 semester, NMU's Master of Public Administration degree is now completely online. This 36-38 credit degree is the preferred degree for public sector and non-profit managers. Students may choose between a thesis and portfolio option. For more information, contact the Office of Graduate Education at 227-2300.

News and Information
Teachers can earn continuing education credits or start one of four master’s degrees – online, on your time. Enroll in online courses and programs from a university that specializes in educating teachers. Making the Grade
Northern’s online bachelor’s degree in loss prevention management works with major retailers to design a curriculum that meets industry needs. It is among the only LP degrees in the nation.  Learn more
There are a lot of factors that go into determining financial aid eligibility, such as number of credits taken, family income and progress toward degree, but the NMU Financial Aid Office can help you learn more.  Financial Aid


Take an Online Course
Online Course Preparation Tutorial

Beginning with the Winter 2015 semester, all students enrolled in an online course must have completed the Online Course Preparation Tutorial prior to accessing the course for the first time. The tutorial is a self-paced module in NMU EduCat™ that provides information about the strategies, tools, and technology needed to be a successful online learner at Northern Michigan University.  Depending on your previous experience with online courses and your pace moving through the tutorial’s activities, it will typically take between one and three hours to complete. The tutorial includes an optional pre-test that provides experienced online learners with the opportunity to “test out” of going through the entire module. 

Test Your Online Aptitude
Learning onlineIs online learning really for you? Where do you like to study? Are you self-motivated? Do you have the basic technical skills needed to learn online?  Take Northern’s online learning compatibility quiz to self evaluate your potential for success with online courses.
Key Dates
  • Monday, March 17- Summer 2014 registration begins and continues through semester
  • Friday, March 21- Fall 2014 registration begins and continues through semester
  • Monday, April 28 - Final exams begin
  • Saturday, May 3 - Commencement