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Our goal at NMU is to meet your learning and service needs at the same high standards we do for our on-campus students. These programs and online degree courses are designed to facilitate learning while allowing for flexible instruction.

Online Course Preparation

All students enrolled in an online course must have completed the Online Course Preparation Tutorial prior to accessing the course for the first time. The tutorial is a self-paced module designed to provide information about the strategies, tools and technology needed to be a successful online learner at NMU.


Is online learning really for you? Take Northern’s online learning compatibility quiz to self-evaluate your potential for success with online courses prior to enrolling.

NMU has a growing list of online and hybrid (part online, part on-campus programs and courses. <a href="/onlinelearning/node/24">Find out more information</a> about some of these options to decide if they fit into your education. Technology is an important part of an online education. <a href="/onlinelearning/node/4">Find more information</a> about the technology at NMU involved in your online education.

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All NMU online courses are taught through our NMU EduCat™ Learning Management System, which is powered by Moodle. To learn more about how EduCat can help you view course materials, communicate with instructors and fellow students, complete assignments and quizzes, view grades and monitor your progress, view the instructional material available through the EduCat home page.

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