Student Nurses Association

Student Nurses Association

The Student Nurses Association is a group of nursing students that meet to discuss nursing trends. It allows the students a sounding board for issues within the program, educates them about nursing issues that will affect them in their professions and offers advise regarding job types and information about interviewing.  The Student Nurses Association strives to contribute to the surrounding community by giving back and fundraising for area programs, such as Room at the Inn or Bay Cliff Health Camp.

These programs can sometimes be hit by fiscal budget cuts, and the money the students raise can allow the organization to help more people in the surrounding community.

Meetings are currently held every other Monday night at 2015 in room 1613/1615 West Science.  If interested, email or consider looking us up on our Facebook page at NMU Student Nurses Association.  We welcome all nursing and pre-nursing students.

Participation in this type of activity demonstrates that the student is able to see outside of the box, that they are a visionary. Dues are $5 and are collected at the beginning of each semester, paid to the treasurer of SNA.

You will be provided with a certificate if you are involved (minimum requirements is to attend two meetings and participate in fundraising efforts).