Nursing Labs 3 and 4

NTC Lab 3

These labs are located in 1702 and 1704 West Science.

Nursing labs 3 and 4 accommodate 20 student seats each for lecture or small group discussion. There are five standard bed bays in each lab with one area equipped with traction supplies and equipment.

What will you find:

In the room:

  • Storage cabinets with linens and supplies
  • Countertop and sink
  • Wall mounted soap and towel dispensers
  • Instructional media docking station:
    • VCR, Network connection, and ceiling projector with wall screen

At each bed bay:

  • Hospital bed
  • Overbed table
  • Bedside cabinet
  • Wall-mounted assessment equipment:
    • Blood pressure unit
    • Glove dispenser
    • Sharps container
  • Headwall system at 1 bed bay in each lab room