Alphabetical Faculty Directory

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Alphabetical Faculty Listing:

Name Position Department E-mail Office Phone
Natalie Buck Instructor BSN


Jane Campbell Professor BSN/DNP 906-227-2489
Melissa Copenhaver Instructor BSN 906-227-1193
Jaime Crabb Instructor/LPN Program Coordinator LPN 906-227-1235
Jan Del Valle Assistant Professor BSN 906-227-1672
Terry Delpier Professor BSN/DNP 906-227-1676
Terry Durley Assistant Professor BSN/DNP 906-227-2478
Lisa Flood Professor BSN/DNP 906-227-1673
Mary Franczek


BSN 906-227-2826
Nanci Gasiewicz Associate Dean/Director BSN 906-227-2042
Patti Greethurst Special Instructor LPN 906-227-1335
Michelle Johnson Professor LPN 906-227-2583
James Kniola Instructor LPN 906-227-1361
Kaycee Langston Instructor BSN 906-227-1727
Nancy Maas Associate Professor BSN 906-227-1863
Katie Menard Assistant Professor BSN/DNP 906-227-1372
Rachel Nye Associate Professor BSN 906-227-2668
Kristi Robinia Professor BSN/DNP 906-227-2484
Melissa Romero Associate Professor and Coordinator of Graduate Program BSN/DNP 906-227-2488
Kristen Smith Special Instructor BSN

Anne Stein Assistant Professor BSN/DNP

Helen Wedin Associate Professor BSN/DNP 906-227-2831
Mandi Wilkins Special Instructor LPN 906-227-1367