Readers React

A sampling of thoughts regarding the Fall 2015 America Now! issue of Northern Magazine.

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November 30

I wanted to drop you a quick note regarding the new magazine.  Excellent job.  The articles are great.  I love the new format.  Very classy.  Keep up the great work.  It makes me proud to be an NMU graduate.

Tim Borseth 
1991 Graduate

December 4

I want to go on record that the "Under the Gun" article is very disturbing and I am not at all pleased that this is what my alumni magazine is putting out. There has got to be more perspective. We work hard, and I have 32 officers who are on the streets every day doing an excellent job in very difficult situations. So many law enforcement officers are doing excellent work, and this does not help our cause in this very difficult time. For a sociology professor to say this, it’s very condescending, as if we don’t know what we’re doing. I’ve been a law enforcement officer for over 30 years. This is blatantly biased. We’ve been doing community policing for years. And to depict us as Lego toys is also very disrespectful.­­

Jerome Sauve ’80 BS CJ (via phone)

Marinette County Sheriff

December 8

Cannot tell you how disappointed I am in the latest magazine, especially in the article on page 16 where we blame our nation's police officers for crime and violence -- to describe American police as using "oppressive, state-sanctioned violence" and to blame police shootings on a simple "breakdown in trust..." is disgusting.  Police shootings occur because a criminal has created a situation where a police officer or citizen is in imminent danger of being killed - it's not a matter of hurt feelings.  

I earned my CJ degree from NMU and went on to become a State Trooper in 1997.  After being injured badly enough on-duty that I had to retire in 2007, I earned my law degree from MSU and became a prosecutor.  I have always been proud to be a NMU alum - not so much after reading this issue and seeing what NMU stands for today.

Mike McKay 

December 10
I wanted to let you know that I found this last issue to be so crucial and relevant. When I read the first article I knew NMU was  doing the right thing by creating a dialogue. Tolerance and a global perspective will only make our communities stronger. 
Not only do you include trans athletes who are heroes and role models for the future, but you include a dialogue about global warming. It's relevant to the world, but its a pillar of relevance for a community surrounded by nature. How can NMU not be facilitating a dialogue about these issues? 

Students, future students and alumni care deeply about these issues. What side they are on doesn't matter because its the dialogue that is crucial to a better future. 
As a graduate from the graphic communications program I also wanted to mention that I appreciate the extra effort going into the publication. It creates a dynamic space to explore and read. Great work.
-Chris LaRose

December 11
I wanted to extend a thank you. This publication has been doing such great work in recent. It is great to see important current issues being brought up that are relevant to not only students, but to alumni as well.  
The topics that were discussed in this latest issue are very important in every Americans life, regardless of what "side of the isle" they may agree with. It is great to see a dialogue being created that will keep people talking and ultimately furthering their knowledge. As a recent NMU graduate, I could not be more proud of my Alma mater for getting out there and talking about what is important in our every day lives. 
That said. I would also like to compliment you on previous issues. all of the articles have been interesting, thought provoking and a pleasure to read. I look very forward to getting my NMU mag in the mail every few months. also the art work and photography have been very aesthetically pleasing lately. 
Keep up the good work!
P.J. Britz

December 11

What a beautiful and well done magazine!  Especially loved the choice of the cover!

Gail Steinhauer '72

December 11
I received my copy of the alumni magazine the other day. The law enforcement story was most interesting.  I was very interested in the information offered by Professor Oddsson regarding attitudes about arming police officers in other countries. Climate change information is one of the most important issues we face, or choose not to face, depending upon political party affiliation.  I hope we make at least some of the right choices as we try to save our planet for future generations. And the article about forest fire fighting was most interesting for a resident of the northwest, where forestry is still one of the largest industries in the region. 
Scott Hegerich '69 BA

December 13
I want to congratulate you and your team on producing another fine example of what an alumni relations magazine can be when infused with imagination, conviction, and talent.
I receive a number of these kinds of publications from various universities that I or my husband have attended or worked for, all larger and higher up the food chain than NMU.  None come close to approaching the seamless way you manage to combine meaningful, timely stories with school pride.  Your photography and graphic lay-out engage the reader with strong reminders of Northern's unique environment.  With a unified,subtle tone, you give us substantive reasons for feeling proud of our alma mater's programs and achievements.  You don't talk down to your alums as though we are not capable of smelling silly hyperbole and empty puffery. 
You have me convinced that Northern is truly on an intelligent and sometimes quirky path, because you do refreshing work in comparison to the predictable bureaucratic tedium of your peer publications.  I also note that your staff comprises mostly NMU alums--what a concept!
Thanks for cheering me up,
Jeanne M. Belfy (BMEd 75)
Professor of Music 
Boise State University

December 15

Many congratulations on your Fall issue. All articles are really superb, most especially Under The Gun. And the cover photo with accompanying article is first class writing. Point of No Return is exceedingly important because Dr. Jes Thompson identifies the source of resistance within an audience as crucial to effective communication.

How the vital issues of the day have changed since my time at NMU! I'm so happy to see the progressive attitude at the place where my own attitudes were so greatly influenced. 

Thank you!

Bess Holloway BS 1965

December 16

Perhaps you should’ve changed the name of the NMU alumni magazine to “Liberal Agenda News.” Transgender, gun control AND global warming stories and ALL of them heavily slanted toward the liberal point of view?! So, to balance it out, I’m expecting stories in the next issue to focus on abortion and how it is wrong, how people are taking advantage of the welfare system and how military power should always be our government’s top priority. But, I know that won’t happen, so don’t expect a penny in donations from this alum.

Jason Lauren, Class of 2000

December 17


I do not believe in censorship. I also do not believe that gay, lesbian or transgender people are heroes for being who they are.   I was very disappointed in the recent magazine that I received from NMU.  To put a transgender person on the cover with the American flag like some kind of hero is a slap in the face of any American serviceperson.  Heroes are people like members of our armed forces or  firemen and least until I read the second article.    It seems now that Europe is the model for our country despite the total population of the countries this professor cited being smaller than California, Texas and Florida.   His favorite country Iceland has less people than Detroit....really this is a way statistics can be misleading.   I like the way the professor says "Many" officers work honorably, MANY?  The statistics prove that this professor and the journalistic community are blowing the "few"  into the majority, which is not true.  I guess next time you are being robbed or your daughter is being raped, call a college professor!
I am not a writer as you can tell.  I am a concerned alumni.  How can this writing be aimed at the NMU alum?  Is this your market?   In speaking to many NMU presidents including Fritz it is not all that hard to pinpoint the issues that are important to the current and past students of NMU.  Declining enrollment is a serious problem.  Why you are not addressing this issue is befuddling.    Challenge the alumni at NMU to help recruit potential students.  Let all grads know that if their companies have internships NMU students should know about it.     We need to use our positive experience at NMU to draw students from around the US to Marquette Michigan!   THIS is important, THIS is relevant to all Alumni of NMU!!!

Frank Nelson,  Class of 1978

December 17

The recent issue of the Northern Magazine seems like a recruitment tool for the LGBT community.  I found it very offensive and ultra Liberal. 
Gary Reese

January 1

Happy New Year and sad to have to tell you I was repulsed by the last issue.

Seriously are you all so completely indoctrinated that the best you can do is flood the issue with the cover transgender and articles extolling more gun restrictions, and climate change (seriously it is 15 degrees outside while I write this).  Please wake up, as I seriously doubt many of your alums are in agreement with this garbage. Marquette is a beautiful place and you should be enticing future students with that tidbit rather than caving to this liberal nonsense.

Annette Wulffe