Our Words

We asked NMU students what they felt were the most pressing issues in America, now.

Photos and reporting by digital cinema student Kelly McCommons


The rising cost of tuition is a concern for me, when a student’s work ethic does not always guarantee they will enter a university due to costs. Amidst this problem, though, we can learn ways to persevere past these challenges and hopefully continue to push for better educational opportunities for undergraduates.

Muskegon, MI. Senior, Graphic Communications



Equal rights - not just for women but for the LGBT community as well. Equal pay for men and women. Companies where the CEO is a female have done better than companies that have a man as a CEO.

Winthrop Harbor, IL. Junior, Multimedia Journalism



Child poverty is a big issue for me. I’ve been on two mission trips to Chicago and San Diego. In Chicago I helped assist food pantries and homeless shelters. I went to San Diego and helped set up a low income church my sophomore year.

Kingsford, MI. Sophomore, Health and Fitness Management


Great Lakes conservation. Water preservation. The lakes are really important. Living near them we have a need to protect them. We take for granted how much freshwater is around us already.

Detroit, MI. Senior, Digital Cinema


Feminism. I believe in equal rights for men and women of all color, shapes and sizes.

Detroit, MI. Junior, Digital Cinema



Extreme growth in population. We used to die young at like 35 to 50 years old. Now not only are we living older, but we have billions of people in the world and we have to mass produce things like food to feed everyone. It’s weird.

Plymouth, MI. Senior, Mathematics


Standard testing in education. Just let teachers teach, the fact that government is stepping in and telling folks to teach for the ‘test’ feels wrong. I barely know how to fill out a tax form...but I can definitely fill out a Scantron sheet.

Woodstock, IL. Senior, Theatre