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UN 100 Course Evaluation
Fall 2013

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The UN 100 Course

Helped you develop connections with classmates, the teaching assistant, and professors *

Introduced you to campus and community resources *

Strengthened your academic skills (written/oral communication, time management, academic success strategies) *

Helped you gain an understanding of academic planning and the career exploration process at NMU *

Increased your awareness of social and academic expectations at NMU *

Explored diversity and multi-cultural awareness and appreciation *

Guest speakers and presentations were relevant and informative *

Teaching Assistant was a positive and helpful contributor *

Met your expectations (UN 100 was what you were told it would be) *

Had a good balance of activities that were engaging and important for first-semester students *


The UN 100 Instructor

Provided and reviewed an adequately detailed syllabus *

Graded and returned assignments/tests promptly *

Was accessible outside of class *

Maintained a positive classroom atmosphere *

Encouraged students to ask questions and to feel free to disagree *

Was enthusiastic about the course and the subject matter *

Treated students with respect *

Was well-prepared for each class *


The UN 100 Teaching Assistant

Provided a valuable student perspective *

Contributed positively to the classroom environment *

Helped students to get connected to NMU *

Was accessible *

Worked well with the UN 100 instructor *


Taking part in a First Year Experience block of courses

Positively contributed to a successful first semester at NMU *

Was of benefit to your overall college experience *

Provided you with a good schedule of classes: you like the concept of blocking courses together *

Is something you would recommend to incoming students *


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