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CMS Update Jan. 2013

A recent update to the NMU Content Management System (CMS) has resulted in many users being unable to edit their site.  This issue is happening because aspects of the CMS are no longer compatible with Internet Explorer 7.  NMU laptops issued prior to Fall 2012 are running Internet Explorer 8 in compatibility mode which instructs the browser to emulate Internet Explorer 7.  As a result, this is the is the screen than many CMS users are encountering.

Follow these steps to correct this issue:

Click on any image to view a larger version.

  1. Click on the Tools menu and select Compatibility View Settings

  2. In the screen that comes up, you should see nmu.edu in the big white box and a checkmark in the box for "Display Intranet Sites..."

  3. Click on the nmu.edu text and then click the Remove button.  Also, uncheck the "Display Intranet Sites..." box.

  4. The next time you load a page, the editor should load as expected.

Some users have indicated that these steps have not resolved their issue with the CMS.  If this is the case, please access the CMS using Firefox, Chrome or Safari while we continue to research this problem and work on finding a fix for Internet Explorer.


Determining if you browser is in compatibility mode

When your web browser is in compatibility mode, the CMS screen will look like the following:

If you have successfully turned off compatibility mode, the CMS screen will look like this: