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Feb 16 2014
Organization: President's Committee on Diversity
Contact: Lesley Larkin (llarkin@nmu.edu)

Lecture on Biology and Sexuality

"The Biology of Sexual Development, Partner Preference, and Everything in Between," Tuesday, February 18, 4 p.m., Mead Auditorium.

Erich Ottem, Ph.D. will lead a discussion focused on the biological underpinnings explaining why some women are driven to pair-bond with other women, why some men seek the company of other men, and why many of us prefer the opposite sex. For this, he will describe the milieu of genes and hormones that work together to drive the development of the brain, the organ that drives sexual arousal, social affiliation, and partner preference. From finches, to sheep, to chimpanzees, and humans, same-sex partnerships are well-characterized throughout scientific literature and written history. In common in many of these species, is the hormone-dependent development of certain regions of the brain, occurring before birth, which seem to drive an individualís later affection toward one sex or the other.