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Mar 29 2014
Organization: Cancer Awareness Committee
Contact: Stephanie Tew (stew@nmu.edu)

Cancer Awareness Carnival

Hello everyone!

We need your help to make kids' dreams come true! The NMU Cancer Awareness Committee is hosting a carnival on March 29th in the PEIF room 154 from 2-5pm. This carnival is the first major event of NMU's first annual cancer awareness month! Through this, we are hoping raise awareness and knowledge of ALL types of cancer and raise money to buy gifts for cancer patients at Marquette General Hospital. We hope that many of you would love to help make this happen! We are trying to make this fun AND educational, so we are doing a scavenger hunt to encourage people to actually read the facts, while also being able to win larger prizes. The people with the most answers to the scavenger hunt questions will be given the opportunity to win some of our larger prizes. Each booth should have some type of game that people can win smaller prizes from.

Here's what we need:

1. we need organizations who are willing to make a poster board that is at least half filled with facts about whichever cancer you choose to research (given that it hasn't already been taken), and the other half of the board can be used to promote your organization. Or if you are part of a residence hall, you can just focus on facts of your chosen cancer.

2. There should be at least one scavenger hunt question regarding your cancer facts in the upper right corner of your poster board.

3. And one game to draw people in and let them win prizes. (Prizes will be provided by us).

Any volunteers can log these hours towards the Citizenship Edge of superior edge.
First 15 groups to volunteer get a free poster board.

Interested groups please contact Stephanie Tew by February 28th with your your name, the name of your organization or group, email, and the cancer you would like to research.

stew@nmu.edu OR 616-648-0943

Let's make this happen, Wildcats!