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Dec 2 2013
Organization: HPER
Contact: Lorraine Hillock (lhillock@nmu.edu)

Winter 2014-Aqua Zumba & Zumba College Credit Courses

Zumba and Aqua Zumba classes for credit!!
Are you looking for a fun exercise class to take this winter? Sign up for Zumba or Aqua Zumba- both are one-credit classes and designed for all levels and abilities. Zumba provides a cardiovascular workout that can be modified as needed- focus on core strength, developing rhythm and coordination, and learning new styles of dance and exercise. Aqua Zumba takes the moves to the aquatic setting and provides you with a cardiovascular and strengthening
workout- a great option for cross-training and building endurance and strength!
Special Topics: Aqua Zumba HP295B (12440) Tuesday/Thursday 2-2:50 Special Topics: Aqua Zumba HP295C (12441) Tuesday/Thursday 10-10:50 Special Topics: Zumba HP295D (12443) Monday/Wednesday 11-11:50 For more information contact Alesia Maki, alemaki@nmu.edu