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Oct 23 2013
Organization: Career Services
Contact: Careers (careers@nmu.edu)

Cat Career Conference

When it comes to your future career, don’t just wing it - Get wise & register for the Cat Career Conference!

The Cat Career Conference is your opportunity to jump-start your career and professional development. This day-long conference offers twenty sessions to choose from, so you can tailor your conference experience to fit your needs.

Join us on Saturday, November 9 at the University Center to learn about how you can take charge of your future!

To make it easy to pick your sessions, we’ve grouped them into four different tracks – Beginners, Beginners+, Job Seekers, and Job Seekers+. Each track roughly corresponds to your year in school – but sign up for any session that interests you, and you can certainly change your mind! There are offerings from many different departments on campus, and a variety of topics, from Choosing Your Major, to Developing a Professional Presence, to Workplace Communications.

Preregistration is required, as space is limited. Register by logging in to Cat Career Tracks (www.myinterfase.com/NMU/student) and searching the "Events" tab.

Hope to see you there!