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Sep 12 2013
Organization: English
Contact: Angela McCabe (amccabe@nmu.edu)

Spend Winter 2014 Studying in Italy - Interest Meeting

Thursday, September 12, 2013
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm in Hedgcock 2303

Spend Winter 2014 Studying in Sunny Macerata Italy - Interest Meeting
Join Professor Peter Goodrich (English) in a special study abroad opportunity, Winter 2014. Macerata is located in the heart of "real" Italy. Enjoy the arts, the foods, the culture of Italy and immerse yourself in a perspective most people never get. And earn academic credits! Wouldn' you love to read Dan Brown's newest novel, Inferno, in the actual setting? Learn more at http://www.nmu.edu/internationalprograms/node/204. An interest meeting is in Hedgcock 2303 - the meeting room in the hallway across from Admissions. You'll want to attend! Deadline for applications is October 5.
This is a terrific study abroad program for all Humanities majors, and all credit hours count toward your NMU degree! If you can't make the meeting, email Peter at Pgoodric@nmu.edu. There will be other meetings later in the month.