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Aug 31 2013
Organization: Special Events Committee
Contact: Jordan Paquet (jorpaque@nmu.edu)

NMU Homecoming: Change That Makes Cents

This is a new event that has been added to the Homecoming line-up this year to help spread school spirit as well as benefit local charities. Each team will pick a local charity where they would like the proceeds donated. Following the rules of a penny war, the goal is to have the most pennies in your team's container by the end of the week. Any other loose change (silver coins/dollars) will subtract the equivalent amount of pennies from your jar. (ex: one quarter will subtract 25 pennies from your total). All the money from the week will be combined and will go to the winning teamís choice of charity. Look for the participating jars to travel around campus throughout the week.

Get more information and team registration forms at www.nmu.edu/homecoming