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May 12 2013
Organization: NMU Bookstore
Contact: Paul Wright (pwright@nmu.edu)

PROOF: NMU Bookstore offers Competitive Prices!

We are confident that our textbook prices are competitive with 'those other guys' on the internet - there's no need to look anywhere else for the textbooks you need for your classes here at NMU.

To prove it, we offer a textbook comparison website: nmu.verbacompare.com; or go to www.nmubookstore.com and choose "Buy" textbooks. Simply add your classes to the list and click compare - the site will show you each of your required and optional books with the prices at the NMU Bookstore and on websites like amazon, abebooks, alibris and more!
If you need assistance...or would like more information, drop us a note at textbook@nmu.edu.