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Apr 15 2013
Organization: Modern Languages & Literatures
Contact: Amy Orf (aorf@nmu.edu)

LAT101 in Summer 2013!

LAT101 Elementary Latin 1
Summer 2013 (May 20-June 29)
MTWR 12:30-2:40pm
CRN 50620
4 credits

Latin was spoken two-thousand years ago throughout the Roman Empire. Although Latin is referred to as a "dead language" (meaning that it has no native speakers), it survives today in the Romance languages. Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian are really varieties of "Modern Latin." In fact, nearly 60% of English vocabulary comes directly or indirectly from Latin. In this course you will learn Classical Latin, as written by authors such as Cicero, Plautus, Terence, and Vergil. Latin is useful for students of foreign languages, English, science, medicine, law, and history. This course satisfies the Formal Communication Studies requirement. For more information contact Amy Orf at aorf@nmu.edu or 227-1876.