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Apr 14 2013
Organization: Economics
Contact: Hugo Eyzaguirre (heyzagui@nmu.edu)

New practical Economics course on everyday life

EC 295 ST: Consumer Economics. Fall 2013 Mon-Thu 1:00-1:50pm
Economics for Life! Decision making as consumers, workers, investors & citizens.
It covers some of the major decisions as well as the routine ones, that we make throughout life. Economic concepts will emerge naturally while discussing everyday decisions.
A big purchasing decision? In what field to train or study?How to manage our personal finances? What is the citizen's role in the political process? How does the political process affect us?
No prerequisites. Media,short readings, and hands on activities will be important components of the learning process. Academic Service Learning. Take a common sense economics instead of an economic theory course ... or apply your economic knowledge to real life.