Student Announcements

Student Announcements

Mar 7 2012
Organization: Steppin' Out Ballroom Dance Club
Contact: Margaret Sklar (

Dance at Dance Zone

Back from Spring Break with nothing to do this weekend?

Join us at Dance Zone for an evening of music and dance featuring one of the area's best dance bands. BLACK PEARL will play at Dance Zone on Saturday, March 10 from 7-11 PM.
Please bring clean shoes to protect the dance floor and the dancers.

Where: Dance Zone, 1113 Lincoln Avenue at College, only steps away from campus.
When: Saturday, March 10, 7-11 PM.
Cost: $2 for NMU students.
Refreshments will be served.

Hope to see you on the dance floor.

Marge Sklar, Advisor to Setppin' Out Ballroom Dance Club