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Mar 9 2012
Organization: Culinary Students of NMU
Contact: Rebecca Beaverson (rbeavers@nmu.edu)

Chili Challenge

Attention Students and Student Organizations: The Culinary Students of NMU are sponsoring a Chili Challenge on Tuesday, March 27th at the Jacobetti Center 3pm-5:30pm. The Annual Hospitality Management Memorial Chili Challenge is in memory of the students and faculty in our program who are no longer with us, especially Ben Manson. They all had a strong passion for the hospitality industry as well as perseverance in new experiences. Our goal is to bring the local community and NMU students, faculty, and alumni together to remember and celebrate their memory. We hope that you will be us honor them by participating in this year's event by entering a chili or coming to taste chili. For more information, please contact Becky Beaverson at rbeavers@nmu.edu.