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Mar 5 2012
Organization: Modern Languages and Lits.
Contact: Nelly Kupper (nkupper@nmu.edu)

French Trivia winner and looking for a winning question.

The French Trivia Contest at NMU is happy to announce our answer winner of the winter 2012 semester.

We would like to thank all those who submitted a reply to the question:

The correct answer is:
Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, and Algeria.
Please see additional information below, researched and submitted by the French Trivia Contest student assistant, Marina Russ.

The winner has been selected randomly from all the correct answers. Congratulations to Diane Darlington! She will receive a gift certificate to Target.

We are looking for our next winning question. Questions are taken until March 15, noon. Please submit your question and its answer to our website at http://www.nmu.edu/FrenchContest

As a result of Algeria's French colonial history, French is widely understood by Algerians and considered a "de-facto co-official language," where Arabic is official. French is widely used in Algerian government, education, media, and culture.

French is also widely spoken in the business and educated circles of Egypt and Syria, where Arabic is the official language.

Lebanon's official language is Arabic, and its French influence arose in the aftermath of WWI. A large majority of Lebanese education has French as a second language of instruction, and it is still considered the language of Lebanese intellectuals.

Morocco, where Arabic is the official language, is a former protectorate of France. French is taught in all schools, it is widely used in the government, and it functions as the primary language for Moroccan trade and economics.

Tunisia was another protectorate of France. Beyond the large historical French impact on the educational system, French is important for Tunisian business, tourism, and the natural sciences.

Many people submitting answers to the French Trivia Contest included Israel as one of the countries where French is spoken second to Arabic. The official language of Israel is Hebrew. Arabic and English are also spoken. French, and Russian are present due to the large immigrant population, especially those coming from Morocco and Russia.