NMUTube Student Video Contest Rules

NMU Tube

2012-13 Student Video Contest

What’s your favorite part of NMU? Create a YouTube video that complements NMU’s current “My Adventure. My NMU.” television advertising campaign and you could win cash prizes!


Congratulations to Ryan Stephens who received the $1,000 Grand Prize for his video MyNMU: Northern. Naturally. 2013

Other category winners include, 

Mike Kvackay, NMUTube Contest | Northern Naturally | Timelapse 

Kelly McCommons, My NMU | Dance Video 2013 | Best Part About NMU 

Erik Soderman,  My NMU Adventure: Ski Team

Cash Prizes*

$1,000 Grand Prize (selected in campus-wide vote of all the three first-place category winners)
Three $500 First Place Prizes (1 for each of 3 categories)
Three $250 Second Place Prizes (1 for each of 3 categories)
Three $100 Third Place Prizes (1 for each of 3 categories)


Contest Categories*

My NMU Adventure
Your video tells a personal story about your experience at NMU.

Northern, Naturally.
Your video shows off NMU’s pristine location to its fullest extent or our friendly personality. (Please, NO cliff diving videos this year!)

Best Part of NMU
Your video shows the world what you think is the best part of NMU or the best thing about being an NMU student.

*NMU reserves the right to combine categories if there are not a minimum of five entries in a specific category.  In the case of a combined category, a first, second and third prize will be awarded.




Applications must be turned in and videos posted on YouTube  by 5 p.m., Friday
March 1. See instructions on posting procedures below.


Grand Prize Voting

Campus-wide voting on the first-place finishers in each categories for $1,000 grand prize. Voting will take place in late March.


Contest Rules

All entries must:

  • Be no longer than 3 minutes.
  • Must have no copyright violations (slogans, music or images).
  • Must be G or PG rated. Any foul language or material inappropriate for young people and families makes the video ineligible.
  • Music must be original, royalty-free or you must have written permission to use. Use of copyrighted music without written permission is not permitted.  To find royalty-free music, do an Internet search for "royalty-free musice" or "free music."
  • Include the phrase “My NMU” or “Northern. Naturally” somewhere in the video.
  • Include the phrase “My NMU” as part, but not all, of your title when you post the video on You Tube. In other words, we must be able to search on YouTube for "NMU" or "My NMU" and come up with your video link.
  • Must be created by current NMU students. Videos can be produced by an individual or a team up 10 people, although the prizes are awarded per video, not by team member.
  • Submitted by the deadline. Both the application and the video posting must meet the deadline. No late submissions will be considered.


How to Post Your Video

  • Upload your video to YouTube. Instructions are available at YouTube's Getting Started page.
  • Include the phrase My NMU in your posting title, but do not make the phrase your full title.
  • Tag your video myNMU.
  • Set your video's privacy to "Public".
  • Mark down your video's YouTube URL as you will need for the contest application form.
  • Your video will be reviewed and then added to the 2012-13 My NMU Video Contest  playlist on the NorthernMichiganU Youtube channel.


The Judging

The NMUTube Student Video Contest panel of judges will include 10 representatives from the following offices: Office of the President, NMU Admissions, NMU Communications and Marketing and NMU Audio Visual Services. Award winners will be publicly announced no later than March 30 for category winners and no later than May 15 for the grand prize contest. 


The Contest Legalities

By completing NMUTube Student Video Contest application form, you confirm that you have read and agree to abide by the contest rules stated above, that you are the rightful creator(s) of the video and that your video contains original work that does not violate any applicable copyright laws. By completing the application form, you also confirm that you understand that the video becomes the property of Northern Michigan University and grants NMU the full unrestricted rights to the use of video, including your name(s), photograph(s), voice(s), likeness(es), and biographical information, in any manner or media whatsoever, including edited versions, in audio/video presentations, streaming audio and/or video over the Internet, broadcast, cable, satellite transmissions, and media that are unknown at this time, worldwide for educational marketing purposes.

Completing the application form also indicates that you understand you will not be paid any compensation (except possible prize money) and will receive no credit for the video. If your video is selected to win a prize, you understand the prize will be divided evenly between the team members listed on the entry form. All winners of cash prizes will be required to complete a W9 form prior to payment.

Northern Michigan University is not responsible or liable for any claims related to the video entry, such as those related to infringements of intellectual property rights, public dissemination of the video and invasion of privacy, libel or slander. NMU is also not responsible for technical hardware or software failures of any kind, for lost or unavailable network connections or for failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmissions that may limit, or interfere with, a participant’s ability to take part in the contest. By participating in the contest, you agree to release and discharge the university, its directors, officers, employees, sponsors, and their agents from all actions, claims and demands arising out of your participation in the contest, the awarding of the prize or the use of any personal information.