Mining in Michigan

bookMining in Michigan: A Catalog of Company Publications, 1845-1980 (1983)

By Le Roy Barnett

This book is a compilation of publications from mining companies in Michigan. Mining companies have figured in the economic life of Michigan since the 1840s, when the mineral resources of the Upper Peninsula were first brought to the attention of the general public. Most individuals who sought instant wealth from these copper or iron deposits were disappointed, while a few—armed with varying proportions of experience, financing and luck—prospered. A number of the mining companies formed by these successful men used their profits to improve equipments and extractive techniques. These improvements required increasing amounts of capital, making it difficult for most small enterprises to remain competitive. Consequently, Michigan mining went through a period of consolidation, which left the industry dominated by a few large firms. While these extractive industries no longer figure as prominently as they once did in iron and copper production, mining remains a significant employer in the Upper Peninsula and reflects the region’s mineral heritage.

(Source: Introduction, page xv of Mining in Michigan: A catalog of Company Publications, 1845-1980)