Words and Images

bookWords and Images: 31 Lesson Plans for Reading, Art and English Teachers, Grades K-12 (1978)

By Thomas Cappuccio et al.

Teachers at all levels participated to produce the 31 lesson plans in this workbook. Their fascination with words and images in illustrations of children’s books gave the incentive to produce these interdisciplinary plans. They are designed to be used by teachers of reading and art, as well as those of English.

Each plan differs. Some may be used for a single class session or for an entire week. Others may be used as curriculum units for a month or longer. In a number of the plans, reference is made to specific books and illustrators. This will be of help in understanding how the particular text has been transformed to visual form. The possibilities to interpret words into images and vice-versa are numerous. This should be an effective motivating device for all students regardless of their abilities. It can also help teachers understand the diversity and richness in subject areas other than their own.

Further, it is possible that teachers in the three areas could use some of these plans jointly in their classes. Each lesson plan may be used independently of the others in any sequence. There are a total of eight categories to choose from, and it is up to the individual teacher to use any of the plans to fit the particular grade level and classroom situation.

(Source: Foreword, page iii of Words and Images: 31 Lesson Plans for Reading, Art and English Teachers, Grades K-12)