bookCohodas: The Story of a Family (1977)

Edited by Wilbert H. Treloar

Sam M. Cohodas and members of the Cohodas family have been dedicated to their hard work, they have been abundantly blessed with the fruits of their labors and they have readily shared these benefits in a most generous manner on countless occasions.

From stifling oppression in Russian Poland, their home during the 19th century, the Cohodas family has risen through often formidable obstacles to a position of affluence and prominence in the United States and Israel. Theirs is a story long needing to be told—the story of an unusual family—close, dedicated and loyal, yet deeply involved in the welfare of communities in which they have lived…Wilbert H. Treloar tells the story of this outstanding family fully, objectively and in a highly-readable style.

(Source: Preface by NMU President John X. Jamrich, page 5 of Cohodas: The Story of a Family.)