America's Shame and Redemption

bookAmerica’s Shame and Redemption (1965)

By Dwight Lowell Dumond

A study of the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln. The author writes, "As a teacher, I have been lifted up in sprit by the response of our young people. They were born into a world of confusion, of hate, of fear, when war seemed inescapable and untimely death inevitable. They grew up in a generation that was starved in mind and soul, confused by irrational hatreds, and unable to think of any kind of security except atomic bombs. No one seemed interested in improving human relationships. This did not make sense to them, any part of it.

"They had the spirit of youth and daring and vision. They saw beyond the narrowing horizon what clouded vision had denied their elders. They saw the opportunity to build a new world on the basis of service, of equality of all peoples, of justice and peace. Nationalism, racialism, religion had no place in it."

(Source: Introduction, pages xiv-xv of America’s Shame and Redemption.)