A Sense of Place

bookA Sense of Place—Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: Essays in Honor of William and Margery Vandament (1997)

Edited by Russell M. Magnaghi and Michael T. Marsden

When William “Bill” and Margery Vandament relocated from California to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 1991 to become the university's president and first lady, they thought the move was temporary, but it soon became an extended stay—they fell in love with their new surroundings. Margery began to refer to Marquette as Camelot.

The essays in this volume, which explore this cultural specialness, are presented as a tribute to the Vandaments, who through their own openness to the Upper Peninsula encouraged such research and reflections. They are also a tribute to the people of the Upper Peninsula, who, day after day, allow all of us to enjoy their warmth, creativity, good humor, hard work and cultural traditions as residents of a very special place. People of the Upper Peninsula are not isolated; they just honestly do not know why anyone would want to live anywhere else.

(Source: Introduction, page v-vi of A Sense of Place)