An Annotated Bibliography of Musca Domestica Linnaeus

bookAn Annotated Bibliography of Musca domestica Linnaeus (co-published 1973)

By Luther S. West and Oneita Beth Peters

The purpose of publishing this text was to meet the needs of at least three groups of scientists studying the house fly (Musca domestica Linnaeus) who must acquire and maintain a fairly comprehensive acquaintance with the published literature which has a bearing on their work. These are: (1) medically- and public health-oriented investigators, usually associated with governmental agencies, philanthropic foundations or medical schools, (2) agriculturally-oriented personnel, normally employed by experiment stations, agricultural colleges and universities or veterinary schools and (3) graduate students, preparing for a professional career under the guidance of senior scholars, whose fundamental interest is likely to be in the more purely academic, rather than applied aspects of biology and chemistry.

(Source: Preface, page vii of An Annotated Bibliography of Musca domestica Linnaeus.)