Railroads in Michigan

bookRailroads in Michigan: A Catalog of Company Publications, 1836-1980 (1986)

By Le Roy Barnett

This book is the compilation of the published documents produced by all of the railroads and traction companies which operate or have operated within the state of Michigan. Le Roy Barnett’s work provides a fine reference resource and a great opportunity for interested individuals to delve into the fascinating area of transportation and its past. Many railroads in the Upper Peninsula were small, special-purpose carriers, such as the Iron Mountain Railroad, established to carry iron ore from the Marquette Iron Range, and the Mineral Range Railroad, which provided service to the copper mines of the Keweenaw region. Larger railroads, such as the Michigan Central, the Pere Marquette, and the Grand Rapids and Indian, traversed the Lower Peninsula, tying Michigan and Midwest cities together, as well as Michigan’s two peninsulas. These railroads and many more are inescapably intertwined with Michigan’s history.

(Source: Preface by James J. Scullion, page ix of Railroads in Michigan: A Catalog of company Publications, 1836-1980)