Listen to Me

bookListen to Me: An Anthology of Upper Peninsula High School Writing (1976)

Edited by Christine Johnson, et al.

To our knowledge, this is the first time an anthology of Upper Peninsula high school writing and art work has ever been gathered. The purpose of this anthology is to recognize those students in the Upper Peninsula whose writing and artistic ability deserve an audience. We have listened and it has been a joy for us to hear many voices calling out, crying out, singing out to reach other human beings. We have chosen these selections on the basis of their appeal not only to junior and senior high school students, but also to what we hope will be a wider audience as well. We have been delighted to see and hear some fresh images, genuine feeling, the clear rhythm of language, the search for the exact word, the sense of seeming simplicity and spontaneity.

(Source: Preface by Christine Johnson, Philip Legler, John Vande Zande and Robert Wester, Listen to Me: An Anthology of Upper Peninsula High School Writing.)