Free-Living Protozoa

bookThe Free-Living Protozoa of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (1963)

By Francis C. Lundin and Luther S. West

This publication has two distinct objectives. First, to place on record the knowledge gained through more than a decade of survey work covering an area of 16,538 square miles. Second, to place at the disposal of teachers and students of biology and general science a functional tool for identifying the unicellular animals of this and neighboring regions.

Detailed descriptions of the various species have not been included. Instead, great care has been exercised in the preparation of illustrations, which have been grouped according to taxonomic relationships in 32 full-page plates. With a reasonable amount of guidance from the teacher, very young students who are willing to work industriously can become remarkably adept in species recognition.

(Source: Introduction, page 4 of The Free-Living Protozoa of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.)