Aimée Cree Dunn

Aimee Cree Dunn
Aimée Cree Dunn (unaffiliated Metís) has been teaching since 2001 and started teaching courses for CNAS in 2005.  Indigenous/rural subsistence and environmental struggles, environmental studies in science fiction, traditional ecological knowledge, and the eco-cultural history of the American Northwoods are her primary research interests (see selected
articles below).  A lifelong resident of the northern Great Lakes area, she spends her time avoiding civilization as much as possible, dabbling in Green political work, and enjoying her family.

(2007) From Enclosures to Foreclosures: The Struggle to Remain Rural.
Co-authored with Linda Cree.

(2007) Listening to the Trees: Traditional Knowledge and Industrial
Society in the American Northwoods

(2007) Defending Mother Earth.

(2008) Taking action for Mother Earth.

(2010) Learning Native Wisdom: What Traditional Cultures Teach Us About
Subsistence, Sustainability and Spirituality by Gary Holthaus: A Book

(2010) Kinomaage:The Earth Shows Us the Way: A Curriculum for the Modern World 
An article by Aimee Dunn.


W12 NAS204 02 The Native American Experience

W12 NAS342 Indigenous Environmental Movements

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Phone: 906-227-1397

Office: 112E Whitman Hall

Kinomaage field trip photos (Summer 2008)

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