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Ecology and Scenic Byways Initiatives


Boozhoo/She:kon friends and colleagues:

See message below from Stuart Lindsay of MDOT. Please share widely with interested parties. On behalf of NMU Center for Native American Studies, we are delighted to host this first meeting. E-mail Stuart directly to RSVP at

Chi miigwech,

April E. Lindala, director – NMU Center for Native American Studies



Message from Stuart Lindsay -


We invite you to join an important discussion on possible initiatives on ecology and scenic byways projects, with environmental, cultural

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of the

Michigan Byways

resources and planning staff of Tribal governments and the Michigan Department of Transportation, as well as for all other interested persons.  

This gathering will be held on Thursday, July 18 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Whitman Hall Commons on the NMU campus in Marquette, Michigan.  Whitman Hall is located at the corner of Norway St. and Fair Ave. See the NMU campus map for building location and parking.

Our morning discussion will be on ecology and how we can partner to 1) identify and protect culturally/ecologically sensitive areas, threatened plant and animal species, 2) develop invasive species alert protocol, 3) incorporate wild rice restoration into MDOT wetland mitigation efforts, and 4) to identify other partnership opportunities on Tribal lands/ MDOT property.

A complimentary lunch for participants will be served at noon. Please see the note on lunch registration below.

Our afternoon discussion will focus on Michigan’s designated Scenic Byways Routes and the land areas of Tribal cultural and historic significance that are on or nearby those travel routes.  Tribal knowledge and direct participation is essential to telling the story of Michigan’s byways and special places to touring visitors.  Also of vital importance is discussing ways to protect culturally sensitive historic areas from overuse and misuse. As a quick reference, please refer to the attached Michigan Byways map. Additional materials will be available at the meeting.

For an accurate count for the number of lunch meals needed, send an e-mail to register and include your organization name and phone number for a contact sheet that we will make available to all participants.  Also, please let us know if you prefer a vegetarian lunch serving.

Come and share your ideas and knowledge! Forward this message to others who may be interested.  


If you are unable to attend the July meeting, we are planning to repeat this seminar at the Ziibiwing Center, Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan near Mt. Pleasant, on Thursday, October 10, 2013.  Details of that gathering will reach you later this summer.


If you have any questions or comments contact me at any time. Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you!




Stuart  Lindsay

Tribal Governments Liaison

Bureau of Transportation Planning

Michigan Department of Transportation

P.O. Box 30050         

425 W. Ottawa Street

Lansing, Michigan 48909

Ph. (517) 335-2974