Northern Michigan University’s physical campus is made up of more than 50 facilities. It is located just minutes from the shore of Lake Superior and from downtown Marquette, Michigan.

The campus was named one of the “most unwired” (wireless) and wired campuses in the United States.

The campus’s main quad, or "academic mall" as it is called at NMU, consists of the Learning Resources Center and Olson Library, Jamrich Hall, the Seaborg Science Complex and the Hedgcock Student Service Center.

The arts plaza is right down the sidewalk from Jamrich, which includes the Forest Roberts Theatre, Thomas Fine Arts, and McClintock Hall.

Whitman Hall is near the academic mall, just across the road from the quad. It is the home of the NMU Center for Native American Studies, School of Education, Leadership and Public Service, International Programs, and College of Health Sciences and Professional Studies. Whitman includes a lounge area that displays flags from around the world, including a wall of tribal flags (pictured above).  Whitman Woods is adjacent to the facility and is the location of the fire site, which is an educational, cultural, and social outdoor gathering area.

The main academic facility is the Jacobetti Complex, a five-acre building that houses many of Northern’s community college programs. Not far from Jacobetti is one of the premier sports complexes of the Midwest.  NMU’s Sports Complex, which features the Superior Dome, the world’s largest wooden dome, as well as the Physical Education and Instructional Facility and the Berry Events Center, which is an ice arena, basketball arena and concert area.  It also houses the United States Olympic Education Center. 

There are 10 residential areas on campus. The campus also features several high-end specialty computer labs, a speech and hearing clinic, two art galleries, a student radio station, public TV and radio stations, and the University Center with NMU Bookstore.

One aspect of the NMU campus that students say they enjoy is that everything is within easy walking distance.