Whitman Hall

Whitman Hall, home to Center for Native American Studies, also houses NMU's School of Education, Leadership and Public Service, the Modern Languages and Literatures Department, the College of Health Sciences and Professional Studies, and the Charter School program.

The former Marquette Area Public Schools elementary school building was purchased by Northern and renovated in 2002. It is named for Willard M. Whitman, who served for 34 years as Marquette Area Public Schools superintendent.

Whitman HallA number of education, foreign language and Native American studies classes are held in Whitman Hall. In addition, the Whitman commons area a large, open room perfect for comfortable studying or small- to mid-size gatherings. The commons area features a prominent display of flags representing the nine tribes of the Upper Peninsula and upper Midwest region.

The grounds of Whitman Hall feature a fire site. The site, which built in the summer of 2003, is located in a peaceful, wooded area and is a popular educational, cultural and social outdoor gathering spot on the NMU campus. Faculty, staff, students and community groups can request use of the fire site. Learn more about NMU’s Whitman fire site.