CNAS Events Calendar

Wegonesh Ezhiwebag? (What's happening?)

Monday, January 18.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr March for Equality

February 3- March 17.  Presentation of Native Voices:  Native Peoples' Concepts of Health and Illness in the Lydia M. Olson Library on NMU campus.

Tuesday, February 16.  NASA holds a fundraiser at Hudson's restaurant.

Wednesday, February 17.  Students in NAS 488 Native American Service Learning Project attend ASL recognition dinner. 

Thursday, February 18.  As part of the Native Voices presentation, the Olson Library will host A Lifetime of Native American Health Panel Discussion at 4pm. 

Sunday, Feb 21-Feb 23. High school students from East Jordan visit NMU campus.  

Tuesday, February 23.  CNAS hosts a Mid-winter Open House.  Chat with NAS faculty and staff to learn about the Center or to learn more about the NAS major. Representatives from Academic and Career Advisement, financial aid, and registrar's offices will also be on hand. 

Tuesday, March 8.  The Lydia M. Olson Library will host the book release of the Decolonizing Diet Project Cookbook.  

Friday, March 11.  Keith Secola performs in Concert. 

Saturday, March 12.  NASA hosts the 23rd annual "Learning to Walk Together" Traditional Pow wow.

Thursday, March 31.  The Peter White Public Library in Marquette will host a book release of the Decolonizing Diet Project Cookbook as part of the Great Michigan Read program. 

In April.  The NAS 288 The Politics of Indian Gaming class will host a Vegas Fun Night. 



Waa-nezhwe'ebak.  (What's happened.) 

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Anishinaabe Words of the Month

November 2014 Maada-gan-ji-ge

October 2014 Aabi-da-kamagad

September 2014 Maad 'kami-gad


February 2014 Kaw-taa-ni-gisi-naa

January 2014 Aansokedaa Beboon

December 2013 Mina-jaadaa Maadiziwin

November 2013 Anishinaabe minajaadaa

October 2013 Niibiishan Nnbaasinon

September 2013 Bine kedaa. Jibaa kedaa 


April 2013 Kitchi-Piitendaagwad-Maadaziwin

March 2013 Aanii.  Ndishinikaas. Donjibaa. Nndodem. 

January/February 2013 Gaayiin-geyaabi

December 2012 Ngi-chi-zhi'yaa

November 2012 Minomin miinawa waawaashkezh

October 2012 Nan-ji-geywin

September 2012 Anishinaabe Miijim

June 2012 Agii-zhoowaa

May 2012 Kiik-shki-tonaa

April 2012 We-biidaa

March 2012 Kenwebidaa

February 2012 Megawaa

January 2012 Aanch Miinawa

December 2011 Zhiitaadaa!

November 2011 Miigwech-i-nendim-wodaa

October 2011 Bashki-minsigan

September 2011 Shki-Giizoons Niimi