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Boozhoo! Welcome to the Reimagine STEM information page! Reimagine STEM is dedicated to the activities and events tied to the Indigenous Women Working within the Sciences pilot project.  (Above photo: taken at the Reimagine STEM Summer Youth Academy in 2017).

The Indigenous Women Working within the Sciences (IWWS) is a two-year pilot project funded by a National Science Foundation Inclusion across the Nation of Communities of Learners of Underrepresented Discovered in Engineering and Sciences (NSF INCLUDES) grantThe IWWS Project has NMU IRB approval: HS17-862.

The NMU Center for Native American Studies and the NMU Office of Diversity and Inclusion along with multiple partners are recipients of this first-ever co-hort of NSF INCLUDES pilot projects.Two activities have happened in the summer of 2017: Reimagine STEM Summer Youth Academy that took place in June, both on the NMU Campus and Lake Nesbit, and the Reimagine STEM Educators Institute in July.

In October of 2017, NMU will host the first-ever Reimagine STEM Fall Summit.

The IWWS team will address two key challenges1) the lack of inclusivity of American Indian teaching methods within sciences education curricula, and 2) the low numbers of American Indian/Alaskan Native female students graduating from four-year universities, specifically within the STEM fields. The IWWS Project evaluation will be led by Dr. Nicky Bowman of Bowman Performance Consulting.

The importance of the IWWS project lies largely in the empowerment that American Indian methods and materials will foster in educators, inviting them to teach outside the conventional academic box. Benefits of the IWWS project include increasing educators’ application of American Indian materials and methods in their teaching to all students as well as positively impacting the number of American Indian/Alaskan Native female students enrolling in STEM fields at the post-secondary level.

Questions regarding the IWWS project or the Reimagine STEM activities contact 906-227-1397 or 906-227-2000 during business hours. NMU is located in the eastern time zone.

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