Approved Performances

Approved Performances for Music Majors

Performances for Winter 2016 that may be applied toward the concert attendance requirement for music majors. Updates will occur, including additional performances (most typically student senior recitals); consult the bulletin board outside the music office or for the latest information.  Majors seeking adjustments in the required attendance must apply in writing to the department Executive Committee as early in the semester as possible. The W16 deadline for appeals is Friday, March 18.  See page 11 of Music Major Handbook. 
# Day Date Title Time Location
1 Tuesday 2/9/2016 Student Recital 4:00pm RRH
2 Thursday 2/11/2016 Northern Nights Concert ~
 Jayme Stone's Lomax Project 
7:30pm RRH
3 Friday 2/12/2016 NMU Faculty Piano Recital - Redfern 7:30pm RRH
4 Sunday 2/14/2016 *Royal Opera and Ballet Cinema
Free to NMU Students
 Presentation - The Marriage of Figaro
5:00pm Jamrich
5 Saturday 2/20/2016 NMU Choirs 3:00pm RRH
6 Saturday 2/20/2016 *Marquette Symphony Orchestra 7:30pm Kaufman
7 Monday 2/22/2016 NMU Symphonic Band 7:30pm RRH
8 Tuesday 2/23/2016 Student Recital 4:00pm RRH
9 Tuesday 2/23/2016 NMU Jazz Band 7:30pm RRH
10 Wednesday 2/24/2016 NMU Orchestra Childrens Concert 6:30pm RRH
11 Friday 3/11/2016 Akropolis Reed Quintet - Student Concert 7:30pm RRH
11 Saturday 3/12/2016 *Akropolis Reed Quintet - Public Concert 7:30pm RRH
12 Tuesday 3/15/2016 Student Recital 4:00pm RRH
13 Tuesday 3/29/2016 Student Recital 4:00pm RRH
14 Tuesday 3/29/2016 Opera Workshop 7:30pm RRH
15 Saturday 4/2/2016 Senior Recital - A. Beekman, soprano (tent.) 5:00pm RRH
16 Tuesday 4/5/2016 Student Recital 4:00pm RRH
17 Thursday 4/7/2016 Faculty and Friends Jazz 7:30pm RRH
18 Friday 4/8/2016 NMU Jazz Festival 7:30pm RRH
19 Sunday 4/10/2016 *Royal Opera and Ballet Cinema
Free to NMU Students
 Presentation - Romeo and Juliet
5:00pm Jamrich
20 Wednesday 4/13/2016 Guest Artist: Robert Lemay, Saxophone 7:30pm RRH
21 Thursday 4/14/2016 NMU Choirs Concert 7:30pm RRH
22 Saturday 4/16/2016 NMU Percussion Ensemble 3:00pm RRH
23 Saturday 4/16/2016 Senior Piano Recital - M. Kieckhafer (tent.) 7:30pm RRH
24 Sunday 4/17/2016 NMU Symphonic Band  3:00pm RRH
25 Monday 4/18/2016 NMU Orchestra  7:30pm RRH
26 Wednesday 4/20/2016 *Lake Effect Show Choir 6:30pm UC
27 Thursday 4/21/2016 *Lake Effect Show Choir 6:30pm UC
28 Saturday 4/23/2016 Marquette Choral Society 7:30pm RRH
      *- Ticket Charge     
      Subject to change    


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