Meet Amber

Amber Suggitt NMU german

Amber Suggitt, formerly an instructor for Northern's English Language Institute (NELI) for the Fall 2013 semester, has joined the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures on a one-semester term appointment teaching German. Amber received her M.A. from Ohio State University​, and a B.A. from Western Michigan University. 

Prior to teaching at NMU, she spent six years as a Graduate Teaching Associate at Ohio State University. Amber received her B.A. in German and French from Western Michigan University, her M.A. in German Literature from Ohio State University, and is currently completing her dissertation through Ohio State University. Her area of research is 18th-century Enlightenment Literature, with a focus on female authors. A native Yooper (from the Sault), she enjoys walking, birding, snowshoeing, ice skating, and other winter activities.

More about Amber:Heidelburg

Favorite place to visit abroad: Germany (Rhineland and Heidelberg)

Favorite subject to teach: I love teaching grammar, and I really enjoy teaching about the culture covered in GR 202

Fun Fact: I absolutely LOVE trivia and memorization. I have the world countries and capitals memorized, and am always looking for something else interesting to memorize.