French Language And Culture Exhibit

As part of their Academic Service Learning, students of French 101 and
French 102 classes of the French Program in the Department of Modern
Languages and Literatures at NMU, will create and arrange educational
displays, for the Upper Peninsula Children's Museum.  The educational
exhibits will be directly linked to the concepts and vocabulary students
learn in their beginning French class, such as, just to name a few: body
parts, members of the family, the weather, food, names of countries,
nationalities, and professions.

The notion of how to present these concepts and vocabulary most effectively
and creatively come from the minds of the students, and are
carefully supervised and guided by their professor.

The exhibits are completed in class, and are brought to the
Children's Museum to be displayed. Students present their work orally
to those guests of the museum who are on the premises as the projects are
being placed on display.