NMU ROTC 2012 Summer Schools

cadets getting ready to tread water





Cadets from the ROTC program at NMU get ready to tread water for 5 minutes.

Cadets tread water





Cadets are treading water. they are not allowed to grab onto the side of the pool. If they do before time is up, they fail that portion of the test.

Cadet swimming





A Cadet performs the second part of CWST by doing a 15 meter gear swim.

Cadet performs gear drop












A cadet performs the next test which was a gear drop. the cadet must go beneath the water and remove all gear and drop his weapon before re-surfacing.

cadet jumping off high platform












A Cadet completes the third phase of the test by jumping of the 6 meter platform with his/her rifle held over their head. the cadet must resurface and swim to the side of the pool unassisted in order
to receive a go on this part of the test.

Cadet floating in water





A Cadet performs a water survival traiing class. they are instructed to create a flotation device utilizing either their ACU top or ACU bottoms.