Let us know what you are doing and where you

We are receiving e-mails, phone calls and occasional visits from some of you and want to hear more.

Did you know...

NMU graduates are stationed all over the world and make up most of the U.P. MIARNG officer corps.

  • At Fort Meade, Md., the top cops, PMO, LTC Frank Lester and his deputy, CPT Marty Partridge, are both Wildcat Alumni. Congratulations are in order to LTC Lester on his recent selection for promotion to Colonel at the War College.
  • MAJ Brian Butler, Class of '87 is currently the Division Ammo Officer for the First Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, TX.

Drop us a line and tell us about yourself. The current classes of cadets are always interested in talking over branch choices and career possibilities. To be able to do so with a fellow Wildcat is a great opportunity.

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