Military Science Minor

The military science minor is an excellent complement to any major.  Any student at NMU can complete the military science minor. Those students intending to progress in responsibility and authority will find these classes invaluable.  Entrance into the program imposes no military obligation of any sort.  The minor requires two classes at each level (100-400) for a total of 20 credits.  Additional optional courses are offered to broaden the experience and perspective of the students. Substitutions may be considered with department permission. Click here for course descriptions.

Total Credits Required for Minor: 20

Basic Course: 4 cr.
MS 139 Leadership and Confidence Building 1 cr.
MS 159 Leadership, Confidence Building and Winter Training 1 cr.
MS 239 Leadership at the Unit Level 1 cr.
MS 259 Troop Leadership Training 1 cr.

Advanced Course: 16 cr.
MS 339 Advanced Leadership Training 4 cr.
MS 359 Applied Leadership Training 4 cr.
MS 439 Leadership 4 cr.
MS 459 Leadership and Team Development 4 cr.

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