Cadets in Action

Wildcat Battalion Cadets in action


Cadets ruck marching in the dome for PT in the winter  Showing their war faces during a ruck march Ruck marching up the bleachers in the dome

CDT Pfiester hydrates during a ruck march Cadet Masserang pulls security during lab Battalion using the university pool for some water polo for PT Cadet Sanders pulling security in the prone position Cadet Reinke Motioning to his team members during the recon lab Cadet Vasquez sets up a mock anti-personnel mine

Cadet preparing for an Ambush Cadets collecting parking fees during a Wildcat hockey gmae to raise funds for Battalion events Cadet Pfiester planning with Cadet Stahlmann

Cadet Pfiester supervising his patrol

  The Ranger Challenge Teams Posing before competition.

Building a One Rope Bridge at Record Speed

Cadets Receiving a Mission During a Situational Training Exercise

Cadets performing PMI training Cadet Sackmann plotting points on a map.

Cadets Find Their Pace Count Cadets Peforming Warm-Up Exercised During PT Cadets departing from the Dome for a road march 

Cadets Creating a Road Block During COE Training Ranger Challenge Team Learning to Tie Swiss Seats Before DawnWildcat Battalion at the end of the Fall FTX Commissionees Waiting to be Pinned Their Gold Bars.