Eric J. Hetrick Memorial ROTC Scholarship

The Eric J. Hetrick Memorial ROTC Scholarship was established in memory of a deceased NMU ROTC cadet.

This scholarship (up to $500 per semester dependent on investment performance) may be awarded to a full-time NMU junior or senior contracted cadet in the advanced ROTC program, who has a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5, demonstrates financial need, portrays leadership potential and contributes to the NMU community. To apply for this scholarship simply send the PMS a letter by September 15 that explains:

  1. Your class status (full-time junior or senior), field of study, cumulative GPA and anything else you deem applicable (dean's list, awards).
  2. How you demonstrate financial need (married, dependents, putting yourself through school, loan commitments, etc).
  3. Examples of your leadership potential (from campus labs, training, FTX, Ranger Club, student government, club sports captain, LDAC record, etc).
  4. Examples of your contribution to the NMU Community – community service, Color Guard ceremony, rappelling football game ball, orientations assistance, tutoring assistance, other).

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