ROTC Nursing Cadets can apply for any of the scholarship and tuition assistance programs offered through ROTC, the National Guard, and Army Reserve just as any other cadet. Please use the "Pay for College" navigation tabs to the left for more information regarding the specific scholarships/tuition assistance programs available.

Those nursing cadets who are awarded a National or Campus-Based ROTC scholarship also receive nursing-specific benefits in addition to those offered with the traditional scholarship. These benefits cover nursing school expenses, licensing examination fees, and more.


Additional Benefits:

1.  Lab/clinical fees are reimbursable as a one-time fixed allowance
2.  ROTC will pay up to $600 for NCLEX-RN exam prep course after graduation
3.  First attempt NCLEX-RN examination fee (approximately $200) is reimbursed in full
4.  Guaranteed accession into Army Nurse Corps as long as cadet passes NCLEX-RN within 2 attempts

Interested in learning more about being an ROTC nurse cadet or a nurse officer in the U.S. Army? 

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