Ranger Club

The Ranger Club is an extracurricular activity designed to honor the U.S. Rangers, elite soldiers of the U.S. Army. This organization is for cadets looking for extra training in combatives, patrolling, physical fitness, and advanced military tactics. The club is a university recognized organization and participates in many university functions as well as two major competitions per year. In the fall, the club primarily focuses on the Ranger Challenge Competition. This event, hosted at Fort McCoy, Wisc., pits schools from around the Midwest in military style competition.


Local Attractions:

Many students enjoy the environment that Northern's campus provides for our program. Compared to other schools we have many different areas to train and help our cadets accomplishment their ROTC and academic goals.


Color Guard:

Color Guard is also an extracurricular activities that cadets can also participate in. It gives them practice on the basics of Drill and Ceremony principles. These cadets take part in the the commencement ceremonies and home football games.





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