Physical Training (PT)

Physical training, or PT, is a necessary component of preparation for commissioning as an Army officer. Students join this program with varying levels of physical fitness. Many have already integrated fitness, rest, and proper nutrition into their busy lives. PT at the Wildcat Battalion is conducted outside (when weather permits) or at the Superior Dome, the world's largest wooden dome.

Physical Fitness Requirements

Physical Fitness Training sessions will run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. PT will occur at 0630 in the Superior Dome or as otherwise scheduled and generally last for one hour. PT is run by cadets in their second and third year with the program.  Each cadet will be required to complete an initial record Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) during the first week of classes.

To calculator your APFT score (Army Physical Fitness Score) click here.

Physical Readiness Training

The Army has installed a new approach to conduct physical training called conducting Physical Readiness Training (PRT).  More information about PRT can be found at  NMU's wildcat battalion currently conducts PRT during PT sessions to reduce injury and incorporates gradual physical fitness progression.

Height Weight Standards

Cadet must maintain certain height and weight standards to be able to contract into the Army, be considered for a scholarship and commission after graduation.  To view these standards click here.


Contracted cadets and contract conditional cadets are required to wear their issued Army Physical Fitness Uniform during all cadet PT sessions. There is no uniform requirement of MS 269 except for contracted cadets.

MS 269

MS 269, Army Physical Fitness Training, is a course designed to instill an understanding of the Army Physical Fitness Training Program. Additionally, the student will learn physical fitness training techniques and procedures that will improve the overall individual level of fitness and help in the development of an individual fitness ethos. This class will meet in the Dome on M, W, and F at 0630 (6:30 AM). Attendance is required each day.