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Summer 2013 Student Spotlight: Mark Cook

Emily Perdue


Mark Cook is an Economics major at NMU. He was recently invited by Dr. Tawni Ferrarini - Sam M. Cohodas Professor, to be this year's Sam M. Cohodas Professor's Assistant! Mark plans to pursue actuarial science after graduation.

Thoughts on the McNair Program: “The McNair Program provides a great structure to help students who have an interest in succeeding. The program provides specialized help in advancing careers and educational attainment. They provide focus, experience, and information in many areas which help you with whatever your goals may be. This flexibility allows all types of students and goals to be supported. I believe the McNair program creates applicants who stand out as excellent among the increasingly competitive crowd interested in graduate level education. I have only good things to say with my experience in the program, and would recommend it to anyone who is considering applying to it.”

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hugo Eyzaguirre

McNair Research Project: “My research regards the economic condition of the upper peninsula within the last decade, with special emphasis on unemployment's relationship among factors such as health, poverty, population, entitlement programs, and education. For our analysis, we had to collect countywide data for the previously mentioned variables for the 15 Upper Peninsula counties. The upper peninsula provides an especially interesting and peculiar economic research opportunity, given that it is relatively isolated, rural, has been losing population steadily, and has had most of its major industries collapse. I have found it exceptionally fulfilling to apply my undergraduate education to the real world.”


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